Our history of supporting apprenticeships

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The Hudson Contract Apprenticeship scheme is simple, effective and has sponsored 170 Apprenticeships in our local community

Our apprentice sponsorship scheme, stemmed from this passion to pass knowledge on, together with an advert that appeared in a local paper:


“Young man (17) desperately seeking an Electrician Apprenticeship. Extremely enthusiastic, reliable, fit and hard-working individual, with full driving licence and own transport. Currently in second year of an appropriate college course and can be transferred to specific apprenticeship course. If you could possibly offer an apprenticeship to a very genuine person, please call.”

After speaking with our local colleges and employers we found these common themes:

  • Small firms that were keen to take on an apprentice were concerned that they couldn’t afford the cost
  • Future apprentices were applying to the same firms in the same area
  • Smaller firms that were willing to take on an apprentice didn’t have the scope of work required to complete the course
  • For many companies, an apprentice was their first employee and needed advice and guidance on what they needed to do

In response to this feedback the Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme was born.

Our Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme is based on four very simple steps:


A letter of support is given to a budding apprentice to take to potential employers.


Apprentices/local colleges find an employer willing to take them on.


Hudson Contract confirms a pledge of 12 months’ financial support to employers.


Employers invoice us for £50 per week sponsorship payment.

After ten years of running the scheme we have now supported 119 employers take on over 170 apprentices.

We have built up relationships with our local colleges and training providers to provide sponsorship support for up to 30 apprentices each year.

Our history of supporting apprenticeships - meet Kirsty the plumber

Apprentice Levy Transfers

We are also helping across the Yorkshire region by providing levy transfers for firms that would normally have to pay the 5% co-investment for the training course. We have linked up with different employers across the Yorkshire region saving them over £5,000 in course fees.

If you are an apprentice levy payer and want to know more about helping smaller firms in your region, please get in touch.


Meet some of our apprentices

Hudson Contract and Apprenticeships

We’re here to help

We want to build on our history of supporting apprenticeships and help in recruiting the next generation into the construction industry. So whether you are school leaver or a construction business looking for details about apprenticeships we hope this website will help you on your journey.

Construction is an ageing population and we all need to act now to make a difference.

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