Bricklaying Apprenticeships – Meet Ryan & Ben

Bricklaying Apprenticeships

Ryan Langham and Ben Herridge, both 17, have embarked on a bricklaying apprenticeship with Elite Brickwork Services in Bridlington and are now working on a development of 160 new homes. They chose the trade because they know that even if their career takes an unexpected turn, they will always have a skill to fall back on.

What are the best and worst things about bricklaying?

Ryan: You are outdoors, in the sunshine – sometimes – and you get paid while training.  And at the end of the day you can stand back and you have something to show for a day’s work.  On the downside, I don’t like the traveling.

Ben: It’s all good apart from the early starts, although I’m getting used to them!

What would you say to someone looking to a bricklaying apprenticeship?

Ben: Go for it!  The pay is good and you get to be outdoors.

Ryan: Get a trade behind you and you can go anywhere in the world.

Employer Phil Gray adds:  “Hudson Contract’s funding has given me the financial security to take on both lads. It’s a great feeling to have the chance to give somebody the ticket for their future.”

Ryan and Ben are undertaking their Bricklaying Apprenticeship through East Riding College, Bridlington.

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