Bricklaying Apprenticeship – Meet Alfie Suggitt

Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Alfie Suggitt is a 16-year-old bricklaying apprentice with P Robinson Builders Ltd, based in Malton, North Yorkshire.  He has been sharing with us some of the projects he has been working on during his L2 Bricklaying apprenticeship through Scarborough TEC.

What made you go down the apprenticeship route?

Alfie: I chose an apprenticeship in construction because I love being outdoors and it was a good pathway to get out of full-time education

What’s great about being an apprentice?

Alfie: I get two years of being paid to go to college. Plus, I get to experience and learn a lot of different things every week.

What about the downsides? How have you overcome them?

Alfie: It’s not really a negative but as my apprenticeship was my first time working I wasn’t used to talking to older people/customers. Six months into it I have overcome this and I am a more confident person from it.

What have you done/achieved so far that you never thought you would have done when you started your apprenticeship?

Alfie: I never that I would be so fast at walling bricks and blocks confidently in such a short time and at a good speed. It really shows the benefit on being out of site and learning in a real life situation.

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