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Sometimes you just need a little help to get you started

When we started sponsoring apprentices in 2011 we reached out to our local colleges to see how we could help encourage more construction apprenticeships.

Your local college and training providers are a great source of help but might not always run the specific course that your business needs.

Training providers have developed to meet the needs of construction companies with many now providing the 20% off the job training local to the apprentice and employer. Whilst others are offering off the job training on the traditional one day a week or as block training, so you can find a solution to match your needs.

To find a training provider that covers the courses you need the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) have set up a website to help you find the right provider for you.

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Not ready to fully commit to an apprentice?

Have you heard about Flexi-Job Apprenticeships or the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme?

Flexi-Job apprenticeships have been created to help sectors like construction, were projects can be stop-start, still access the benefits of apprenticeships.

In construction we have had the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme (SAS) for number of years which allows employers to dip in and out of apprentice training. The scheme allows you to take on an apprentice, for as short a duration as three months, with no commitment to the apprentice at the end. There are currently eight SAS’s spread across England, Scotland and Wales. We work closely with EN:Able Futures in our local region.

EN:Able Futures are also a registered Flexi-job Apprenticeship Agency providing built environment apprenticeships across Yorkshire and the North East. They employ trade and technical apprentices directly, managing all employment responsibilities, including recruitment, assessments, salary, health & safety training, mentoring and pastoral support.

This enables apprentices to work for a variety of host companies with the reassurance of sustained employment throughout their apprenticeship, giving apprentices the best opportunities to start their chosen careers in construction, while helping host companies fill their vacancies with new talent.

This can be a great way for your company to have your first experience of apprenticeships whilst removing any concerns about workloads and costs going forward. We hope that this will then encourage you to take on your own apprenticeship in the future.


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We’re here to help

We want to build on our history of supporting apprenticeships and help in recruiting the next generation into the construction industry. So whether you are school leaver or a construction business looking for details about apprenticeships we hope this website will help you on your journey.

Construction is an ageing population and we all need to act now to make a difference.

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